About Deana

Deana Hoover is a successful artist, writer, teacher, certified Intuitive Artist, and pretty good friends with a Swedish blue duck.

She grew up in poverty but didn’t accept it as her lot in life. She found her way out of a childhood of disfunction, neglect, and even abuse. Deana turned that life around and, in addition to having a happy and fulfilled life, she has now become one of the top artists in her area.

It is Deana’s passion to help others to let go of the past, step into their power, and become the special snowflakes they are meant to be.

Deana teaches art and writing for adults and teens and coaches creatives on how to transition from hobbyist to professional and grow their businesses according to their passions.

What about you? What do you have a passion for? Do you want to learn to create art or write a novel? Or are you interested in learning to grow and expand as the creative you are?

If you’re a creative who doesn’t fit in to the mainstream, a passionate soul who wants to expand and live a fully authentic life, or an explorer of the world that loves finding new ways to express yourself – welcome here. And thank you for doing your amazing part in this amazing world.

You can find Deana’s abstract art at Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery at 405 North Nevada St. in Carson City, Nevada. This is the exclusive location to view or purchase Deana’s abstract paintings.

Deana’s animal art is located online at Xanadu Gallery.

In addition you can find her work at the Brewery Arts Center‘s Artisan Store.

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