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Choose Intuitive Art or Tarot Reading

Intuitive Art or Tarot – What Kind of Reading is Right for You?

You are probably familiar with tarot, an art form that both visual and oral. A quality tarot reading is like an illustrated and insightful part of your amazing life story. It’s ideal for clarifying where you are in your life right now and can help you gather the strength to make wise decisions. Tarot is wonderful for understanding yourself, your thoughts and feelings, your strengths and weaknesses, and much more.

Intuitive Art is an art form that is interpreted in a similar way to the tarot. An original work of art is created quickly, during your appointment, and then interpreted for you. It can be used to help you make clear decisions, to gain insight and personal growth, to discover your soul’s purpose, or to communicate with your guides or your higher self. Intuitive Art can even be used to help you to contact loved ones who have passed away.

If you still don’t know which kind of reading is best for you, trust your intuition. If you feel that an Intuitive Art session is better, or if you feel drawn to the tarot, then that’s the right answer for you. It’s also okay to choose to have an Intuitive Art reading simply because you may never have experienced one before. There is no wrong answer. (If you still need help though, you can email me from the contact page.)

Whatever you choose, you deserve and will receiver a high quality reading; something that will make an impact on your life. Your reading will give you resources and insight as well as support, such as a greater connection to spirit, better understanding of yourself, and personal growth and empowerment.

The information you receive will help you break through confusion so you can live the life of your dreams.

What you will get.

When you book a session, we will meet on Skype where we can talk face to face, in real time.
Each appointment is scheduled to allow for up to one full hour in order to assure that there is time for follow up questions and to be sure the reading is as clear as possible.

You will receive a detailed explanation of the cards meanings within the spread or the intuitive artwork and how that is relevant to you.
An advantage of Skype readings is that you will have the opportunity to see the cards or artwork as I explain what information they are offering. This can help your connect with your own intuition and personal insights as well. I highly value your input in the process.

You’ll walk away with insight as to how to proceed with regards to your personal question or concerns.

The purpose of your reading is to empower you. Greater clarity will help you understand how you wish to move forward in your life. You will get an in depth reading that will help you to see your world more sharply and with better perception so that you’ll be more equipped to take your next steps.

Deeper spiritual connections and useful tools or techniques relevant to your current issues.
While you will always receive valuable tools, and there will always be a focus on the subject you’re wanting answers for, what information you get can vary from reading to reading. A particular session might include advice from an ancestor or someone who has passed on. Another may involve signs and messages from your spirit guides. And still other readings may result in a greater understanding of your own personal inner wisdom. Whatever is most needed is what will come through, and you’ll walk away with information and support you need to move forward.

You’ll have help overcoming fear through better understanding your soul’s purpose.
The unknown, confusion, and “what ifs” tend to tap into our insecurities and make us afraid or uncertain. Simply shining a light of better understanding can empower you, help you to overcome many of your fears, and can help give the strength you need as you move forward and grow into your larger, more magical life.

You’ll see the story laid out in the cards or artwork.
Your reading will be like a GPS that shows you better who you are, where you’ve come from, and where you’re going. A good reading is less about, “what is going to happen to me?” and more about, “how can I empower myself to move things in a certain direction?”

On your path to personal growth it would be a disservice simply to tell you you’ll live happily ever after. My job is to help you to clearly illuminate your path, to help you better define your present reality, and to help you better tap in to your own personal strengths and gifts. In this way you become stronger and more grounded in your truth.

Your reading is $295 for a one hour experience.

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Choose Intuitive Art or Tarot Reading

Please take a moment and watch this review from Rachel Archelaus, founder of the Intuitive Art Academy.

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