Testimonials and Press

“I had an Art Medium Tarot Reading with Deana today and it was great! While she is offering them on Skype, I had the opportunity to have one in person and I am so glad.

Deana’s gifts as a medium are incredible and her presentation is filled with warmth and humor. She treated my inquiry with respect and was meticulous about insuring that I received useful information that pertained to my question.

I’m familiar with the Tarot, so I know that the reading Deana gives only begins with the cards. As she read for me, she tapped into her powerful intuition and connected with my cousin, Adam, who had passed when we we were 17. Because of this connection, I found resolution to an issue I hadn’t thought was even a part of my original question. Through the images Deana was relaying, I saw how, had I made the decision I intended prior to the reading, I would have stayed tangled in a web that was keeping me stuck.

I am so grateful that I had a reading, and even more grateful that I had it with Deana. I highly recommend her as an artist and a medium!”
– Dr. Kym Maehl

“I found Deana’s class on intuitive art very useful. I am an artist who uses her intuition while creating and this class was very informative. After our class, I started thinking about how I choose my colors when I paint. I also enjoyed the readings we did with colors… it opened up another avenue of ‘seeing’ for me. Deana is a very talented, sincere and knowledgeable teacher. I heartily recommend her as a coach, reader and intuitive teacher.”
– Denise Lovelace Johnson

“I first met Deana in 2010 when I took one of her writing classes at Comma Coffee. We ‘clicked’ almost instantly and she has since become a mentor and friend. To steal one of her favorite words, she is ‘awesome’ and once of the most creative people I have ever known. She has a talent for bringing out the best in you. She even taught me that it’s okay if I can’t draw a straight line and it’s also okay to color outside the lines.
Love the new sight my friend. Keep up the good work.”
– Joycie King, Wordsmith.

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