The Abundance Accelerator

Let go of overwhelm. Imagine if you no longer felt like you were spinning your wheels. Stop giving more than you’re getting in return so that you are stressed, exhausted, or burned out.

You can make more money so that you can live the life you want, follow your dreams, and make the world a better place.

Live the life you were meant to live while you fulfill your life’s purpose. 

Abundance, including financial abundance, is spiritual. Everything is energy, and when we have a lack it’s because we have a block to that energy.

In your session you will learn what’s holding you back so you can open up to your fullest, richest, financial and spiritual abundance.

You will receive a private session through Skype or on the phone. Sessions generally take between half an hour and an hour. I will create an abstract work of art especially for you, and I will decode it during our session. There will be plenty of time for your questions so we can delve as deep as you want to. And when we’re done you will get a PDF of the art that we interpreted in your session.

Imagine freeing yourself, living with good relationships, doing work that you love, and the having the means to fulfill your life’s purpose. 

In doing so, you change your own life, the lives of your family and friends, and you have a greater positive influence on the world.

With an Abundance Accelerator Intuitive Art Reading you will learn what blocks are holding you back. Once those blocks are identified, you will learn methods to let them go and open up to greater abundance in your life.

An Abundance Accelerator appointment combines art and intuition. In your session you will see the abstract art that has been created in advance especially for you. You will learn what messages come through the art specifically for you. Your guides may appear, or you might find leftover issues from a past life that no longer serve you.

Each session lasts between half an hour and an hour. You are encouraged to ask questions before and during your session. And as a free bonus, you are invited to ask follow up questions for the week following your session.

It’s your turn. It’s time to open up to your future.

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